CGA’s Backyard Bands and BBQ

Hey there coaster fans. Jeremy here bringing you all things Backyard Bands and BBQ, CGA’s first event of the season. CGA is only on their second week of 2018 operations, and they already came out of the gate running with a great event fun for the whole family!  If you like live music and great food get on down to CGA as they will be doing this for one more weekend. Not only do they have great food, games, and bands, but they also have great California brews for all of the adults to enjoy. Below are a few pictures of what went down for the first weekend of  Backyard Bands and BBQ!




Photo Credit: Niclole Albaum,

Here is all the great food you get to choose from, and they are good sized portions as well. My favorite is the Railblazer BBQ Pork Shank, but all of the food is fantastic.

Photo Credit: Nicole Albaum,

Here is the pork shank and the Smokehouse Chipotle Sausage. Both are amazing. I wish this is the food they would have all year round. Sorry Miss Maggie but I would be eating this every time if I could.

Photo Credit: Nicole Albaum,

Here is the chef preparing everything right in front of you. It really had the whole area around us smelling fabulous!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Spradling,

Don’t forget to wash everything down with a cold brew!!!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Spradling

After all the food and brews, sit down, relax and enjoy the music and send off the kids to go play one of the many free backyard games that are available.

Photo credit: Jeremy Spradling,

Who doesn’t want to play a giant game of Jenga?

Photo credit: Jeremy Spradling,

How about some Tic-Tac-Toe?

Photo credit: Jeremy Spradling,

Connect Four anyone????

Photo Credit: Nicole Albaum,

Well folks that about wraps it all up for the Backyard Bands and BBQ. Get on out next weekend and check out all of the fun. Don’t forget to brag about your experience by using #GABackyardBands and tag them @CAGREATAMERICA! Ride on fans, ride on.

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