Six Flags New England welcomes an American Superhero.


On Saturday, April 14th Six Flags New England hosted the reunion of an American SuperHero Dad, Sargent Michael Clark, with his family.  It was a joyous occasion.  Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Where: Six Flags New England (1623 Main St. Agawam, MA 01001)
  • Reunion Date: Yesterday Saturday, April 14
  • Where is Sargent Michael Clark from? Bolton, CT
  • Sargent Michael Clark Bio- SFC (Sergeant First Class) Michael Clark has been in the Army for 18 yrs. This is his 5th deployment, kuwait, Iraq, and 3 times to Afghanistan. Sargent Clark is part of the 933rd FST (Forward Surgical Team) which is made up of surgeons, nurses, surgical technicians, and medics. Their job is to provide surgical/medical aid to injured personnel and military.

Clark Family Reunion at Six Flags New England. Photo by Jennifer

Overview of the Reunion:

  • Six Flags New England pulled off the ultimate surprise as the park proudly reunited a military dad from Afghanistan. Sergeant Michael Clark was separated from his family for almost a year overseas and his family resides in Bolton, Connecticut. This was Sergeant Michael Clark’s 5th deployment in Afghanistan and has two young children Hailey (6) and Logan (8) who originally thought they were coming to the park with their mom. This reunion was a complete surprise as the kids were not expecting to see their dad for several months but was able to receive early leave. Mother and wife, Rachel Clark assisted with coordinating the efforts to surprise their kids at the Thrill Capital of New England. This hopes to be Sergeant Clark’s last deployment with 18 years of service.

Clark Family Reunion at Six Flags New England. Photo by Jennifer


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