SeaWorld San Diego to opens Electric Eel on May 10th: California’s First New Coaster for 2018


SeaWorld announces that San Diego’s tallest, fastest roller coaster now to open May 10!

Photo credit: Mike Aquilera/SeaWorld San Diego

WHAT: SeaWorld has an EEL-ectrifying update: Electric Eel, San Diego’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, is now set to open May 10! Construction continues to progress extremely well, allowing the park to launch the new, 62-mph, 150-foot-tall coaster even earlier.

WHEN: Electric Eel set to open to the public on May 10, 2018

WHERE: SeaWorld San Diego

DETAILS: Electric Eel will feature an exhilarating triple-launch experience with high-energy twists and heart-pounding loops. This new coaster will EELectrify even the bravest thrill seekers, making them feel like an eel as they slither and dart around the track. Electric Eel will be SeaWorld’s most thrilling ride and San Diego’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. The Electric Eel area will also feature an interactive learning experience called Mission: Deep Discovery. A habitat with mysterious moray eels, which was opened as part of the new Ocean Explorer attraction in summer 2017, is adjacent to Electric Eel.

Photo credit: Mike Aquilera/SeaWorld San Diego




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