Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point Is ALL The “Hype”-r-Hybrid You Will Want

We are on the cusp of something big.  Let me rephrase that…We are on the cusp of something so amazingly HUGE, so record breaking and so ready to be reveled to the public that I honestly can not wait for you to ride what we could call the most anticipated coaster in the Universe.

Steel Vengeance, the newest, ‘meanest’ coaster in Cedar Fairs Lineup is already bragging about being the Tallest, Fastest & Wildest Hyper-Hybrid Coaster in the World.  And I beg your pardon, it rightfully has every right to BRAG on Opening Day, May 5th that it IS something that others long for: Another Record Breaking Coaster to add to Cedar Point’s Arsenal of amazing Rides & Attractions!

Let me begin by saying that myself (Brian) and James had an amazing time this past Monday Night at CP Hoedown for Platinum Season Passholders and bar none, it fulfilled our expectations beyond what we anticipated or could ever dreamed about.  Cedar Point has a way of doing that with each new coaster that they produce.

Before the gates were opened, we felt so honored that CP presented the playing of our National Anthem before entering the park.  There was something very patriotic and uplifting that reminded us about our great country that we live in, and made me proud to have the Freedom to partake with the other thousand park guests.  Thank you Cedar Fair for that and as a Veteran of the Armed Forces, it meant the World to me.

Photo by Brian DeBoard

I want to use this time to give you a few pointers, our thoughts and fun facts about Steel Vengeance so that when you’re standing in line to ride this amazing machine, you can stand out above the crowd.

Photo by Brian DeBoard

The walk to the back of the park is exciting and quite a long walk.  If you have never been to Cedar Point, it’s the furthest walk to any one of their (FUN FACT) 71 rides and attractions (other than their water park and gives CP the most rides at any amusement park).  I LOVE that you can see and get a feel of how wonderful and huge this theme park is.  You’ll pass a great many restaurants, rides and games along the way.  It’s a great chance to discuss with your group where you can meet up should your party get separated and who’s riding what with who next.

If you don’t feel like walking, you can always take the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad at the Main Station.  It’ll take you to Frontier Town Station, exactly where Steel Vengeance is located.  From there, it’s just a short shuffle to the SV entrance.

Photo by Brian DeBoard

FUN FACT:  Cedar Point has the most roller coasters with a first drop of 90 degrees or more at one amusement park which currently sits at Five (5).  Can you name the other 4?  As you can see here by the photo above from the que line, it is definitely 90* and has a breathtaking 200ft drop.  Hands up on this for sure.

We had to wait about 3 hours to ride Steel Vengeance Monday Night.  It had some down time, but that is to be expected with any new coaster.  But I assure you, the crowd was totally into the anticipation and HYPE.  Listen and watch this short video of the first riders plummeting down the first drop after the wait.  About 300 hundred park guest were in this portion of the que line with James and I.  It is such a beautifully designed and attractive Coaster.

Ride Stats

Height: 205 feet
Speed: 74 mph
First Drop: 200 feet
Inversions: 4
Length: 5,740 feet
Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds
Height Requirement: 52″
Trains: 3
Riders per Train: 24
Riders per Hour: 1,200

What is a “Hypercoaster” you ask?  A hypercoaster is any complete circuit roller coaster with a height measuring greater than 200 feet (61 m). The term was first coined by Arrow Dynamics and Cedar Point in 1989 with the release of the first full-circuit hypercoaster in the world, Magnum XL-200.

Here in this video, you will get to hear first hand how loud and dynamic the chain on the first 205 ft lift hill is.  Since we only had the opportunity to ride SV once, we both chose to ride in the first train, second row.  The air time was so incredible with (FUN FACT) 27.2 seconds (most of any Hybrid Coaster), that we were inverted and just floating as time stood still for what felt like eterntiy.  Most incredible!!!

So afterwards, you get to check out your infamous photo at the FunPix station.  I must say that if you don’t have a FunPix Season Pass to upload all your ride photos for the entire year, which include Haunt & Winterfest photos as well, you’re missing out on all the memories of your Summer.  Prices start at $34.99 and up.

James and I figured out that having your hands up on the back 1/3rd of Steel Vengeance is not the most brilliant thing to do if you’re wanting to take home some memorabilia prints.  The cameras are on your left tied in with all the bunny hills and air time which is so intense and amazing.  We felt so snug and comfortable in these train cars, that it felt like you had nothing at all holding you back.  If you have glasses, purses, cell phones or hats and aren’t buckled down, you will have a good chance of losing those articles.  We don’t even suggest if you have cargo pants with velcro, buttons or zippers, because how you’re inverted with G forces in every which way, you’ll still stand a chance to have your items broken or lost. If you have a non rider with you, have them hold them or use lockers that allow you to pay by the hour to hold them for you.  Being inverted with the restraints of the train that wrap abound and hug your waist plus your legs and ankles, made me feel secure and just right.

FunPix on ride photo of Steel Vengeance

More Fun Facts:

A New World Record Breaker

Coaster Records Broken
1. World’s tallest hybrid roller coaster (205 feet tall)
2. World’s fastest hybrid roller coaster (74 miles per hour)
3. World’s steepest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (90 degrees)
4. World’s longest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (200 feet)
5. World’s longest hybrid roller coaster (5,740 feet)
6. Most inversions on a hybrid roller coaster (4)
7. Fastest airtime hill on a hybrid roller coaster (73 mph)
8. Most airtime on a hybrid roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
9. Most airtime on any roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
10. World’s first “hyper-hybrid” roller coaster

Park Records Broken
1. Most steel roller coaster track at one amusement park (57,865 feet/11 miles)
2. Most roller coaster track at one amusement park (60,423 feet/11.4 miles)
3. Most rides at one amusement park (71)
4. Most roller coasters over 200 feet tall at one amusement park (6)
5. Most roller coasters with a first drop of 90 degrees or more at one amusement park (5)

So, in conclusion, James and I both made Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point our NEW number one coaster in the world.  It by far exceed our expectations and left us wanting another go around.  We rode at twilight and would LOVE another ride after dark.

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Brian and James enjoying Steel Vengeance with Tony Clark
Director of Communications at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Photo by Brian DeBoard



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