Electric Eel Shocks SeaWorld San Diego

The Electric Eel entrance. The landscaping for this ride is simple, clean, and attractive. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

SeaWorld San Diego recently opened their awesome new ride, Electric Eel.  I was fortunate enough to #RideWithACE and attend the media event for this beauty.

ACE members hanging out enjoying one of SeaWorld’s other great attractions, Manta. Photo taken by a SeaWorld team member on Laurie’s camera.

Built by Premier, this triple launch coaster travels at speeds up to 62mph and features suspended, coiled track 150 feet high.  The coiled track at the top is pure air time!  I was in fact comforted by the comfort collars.  More on that below.

Upside down on this coiling track, you are suspended mid-air, with a breath taking view of well, a behind the scenes area, but that’s ok because the floating is awesome. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

This ride is pure adrenaline…….fast and breathtaking, with lots of air time and surprises along the way.  Premier has brought their launched coaster to a new level.  I hope to see more like this in other parks. Sadly, my personal POV was lost in digital Hades, so the park graciously gave me this POV to share.

This POV is found on the SeaWorld San Diego website.

And here is footage from test rides, with SeaWorld San Diego staff enjoying some of the first rides on Electric Eel.

The Seats and Comfort Collar:

Tester Seat For Electric Eel. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

There has been a lot of conversation regarding the trains, restraints, and the comfort collar for Electric Eel. Well I’m here to tell you the trains are very comfortable, although admittedly the comfort collar is a little awkward to get in and out of.  The collar is very loose fitting on the shoulders, and on me, as a shorter person, my head did hit them a few times.  The padding is such that it didn’t cause any discomfort, although I did lose an earring to the Electric Eel.

As is typical with Premier, the seats are a little tight but they are more spacious than say for  Full Throttle, (Six Flags Magic Mountain) or Superman Ultimate Flight, (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom).  They are extremely comfortable as Jason demonstrates for us here.

Testing the comfort collar. It goes over your head and snaps into the lap bar…………and is extremely spacious. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Jason demonstrates just how comfy the trains are. Photo by unknown………….but thanks!


Leaving the station. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Soaring toward the crest. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Early morning at SeaWorld…………..the marine air makes a beautiful backdrop for this twisted, Electrified Eel. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

SeaWorld has suffered a lot of bad publicity in the past few years, and this coaster is a part of a much larger rebranding effort.  10 News San Diego covered this story in detail.

SeaWorld San Diego Passes are a terrific value, and with the addition of Electric Eel, the park offers three awesome coasters, as well as some cute flat rides, educational and adorable animal exhibits, and the awesome Bayside Sky Ride, a classic Von Roll.  This POV is by the awesome folks at Park Journey.

Information clipped from SeaWorld San Diego website on May 23, 2018


SeaWorld San Diego and Aquatica San Diego are offering many new events this year…………so I highly recommend getting out there!

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