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Valleyfair Announces ‘Delirious’ Flat Ride for 2018

New Family Thrill Ride, Area Enhancements Coming to Valleyfair in 2018 Valleyfair is turning things upside down with Delirious, a 70-foot looping thrill ride for its 2018 season. Delirious will coil riders upside-down on...


Valleyfair Announces North Star, a Star Flyer for 2017

Valleyfair today announced they are adding North Star, a 230 ft star flyer ride. North Star – named to celebrate the region’s affinity to being “up north” and the great outdoors – is a...


Valleyfair Announces the Removal of Enterprise

Valleyfair today announced that after 38 years, their Enterprise will be closing on Sunday, August 21, 2016 to make before being retired to make room for future growth of Valleyfair. “While it’s bittersweet to say...