Join the Team!

We have been running for almost 2 year now and we are currently serving thousands of readers each month. Unfortunately, we cannot cover every single park out there. If you love parks as much as we do, then consider joining the team!

Benefits of being part of the Coaster Chit Chat team:

  • Your work seen by thousands of people each week
  • Access to media days, media-only construction tours, etc. (if we are on the park’s media list that you are covering)
  • Working with a wonderful group of people that enjoy coasters, and more!
  • Skills such as using WordPress, writing, editing, posting social media content and more


  • Be 14 year old or older
  • Have a basic understanding of the English language and grammar.
  • Act maturely, respectfully, positively during a park media event
  • Provide construction updates for your local park
  • Be willing to cooperate with others
  • You have the time to contribute at least one posts on the website per month
  • Be willing to understand what others want
  • Have a high-quality camera.

You will NOT be paid, this is purely volunteer.

We badly need people that live in Ohio, Southern California, San Antonio, Western Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Orlando, Tampa and Illinois. If you or someone you know are interested in covering parks in any region, please have them fill out the form below!

To apply, please email with answers to the following questions thoroughly. The more thorough you are with your answers, the more likely you will be accepted. If you write one sentence, short answers, you will likely not be accepted, as we want the best people as part of the Coaster Chit Chat team, and could show us you are kinda “lazy.” Also, you MUST copy and paste this entire application, and have put the response after each question. Applications sent without all 12 questions may not be considered.

  1. What parks you are willing to cover?
  2. What parks do you have season passes to?
  3. How often you go to the parks listed in #1?
  4. How old are you? (An age range is fine)?
  5. Link to past writing (if possible, but if not, just write “None” we’ll work it out)
  6. Links to any social media pages you may have (Please submit ALL social media links. If not all are submitted, we may not consider you due to a lack of honesty. We just want to see your posting style, nothing personal.)
  7. Why you want to be part of Coaster Chit Chat.
  8. Your goals from being part of Coaster Chit Chat.
  9. Why you would be a great part of Coaster Chit Chat.
  10. What past park hosted media events, park hosted coaster events (such as CoasterMania at Cedar Point,) or coaster club run (ACE, Coaster Crew, Great Ohio Coaster Club, etc.) events have you attended in the past? Do you have a trip report on any site that I could read from them?
  11. What coaster clubs are you part of?
  12. What are you really good at that you think would help Coaster Chit Chat more? Photography? Video making? Or another skill?
  13. Can you give us an example of what you are really good at in response to question #12?
  14. What type of photography and videography equipment do you have?

If you get accepted, you will be put on a one week trial. This is to ensure that you are the best person possible for Coaster Chit Chat. You will be asked to do normal tasks like you would normally should you pass the trial, including doing park coverage. So, if you know that you can do updates in a month, but not now, then please do not apply now, but apply later.