Hi Coaster Chit Chat Fans, Laurie here.  Today, I wanted to touch base with you regarding an important milestone Coaster Chit Chat has reached.  Launched on June 11th, 2014, Coaster Chit Chat is approaching it’s two-year anniversary.

Adam, The new Texas Giant at SFOT

The New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas, a favorite of Adam from Texas

Since joining Coaster Chit Chat, I have enjoyed seeing the blog’s continued growth.  We’ve received great success, more than we’ve imagined.   And there have been some growing pains.  Thanks for your patience with us.  We have gotten over 1000 Facebook likes, 830 Twitter Followers, and 240 Twitter likes.  We recently began using SnapChat to keep you informed of the latest news, as soon as we can.  Recently, Six Flags Magic Mountain used a link to one of our articles in its bi-weekly newsletter.    The giveaways we have hosted have enjoyed considerable success, and we would like to continue doing them. We have had a blast covering media events across the country, and it has been a pleasure to provide you, our fans, with interesting stories on all things related to amusement parks.

We currently have eight correspondents in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Georgia and Florida.  We are able to cover many of the major parks in the country, and with a little help from friends, can reach several others.

Vortex Kings Island James H.

Vortex at Kings Island, a winner with James H. from Florida

We are now at a point where we want to continue to grow, and expand.  It is time to renew our domain name and web hosting, and Henry is interested in remodeling the website.  We also are planning a monthly newsletter.  To achieve this goal, I have volunteered to launch our Patreon page in an effort to secure funding for the growing needs of Coaster Chit Chat.  I am asking each of you to support us in this effort.  You can support the fund-raising effort in one of two ways:

  • Please make a one time donation of any amount.
  • Please make a monthly, small pledge of $1 to $20

If you would like to help contribute content to us, click here  for more info.


Wild Cat at Lake Compounce DJ is looking forward to his visit with this one!

I am finding that being involved with Coaster Chit Chat  is rewarding and challenging, and I look forward to continuing our mission:

“Our mission is to provide the latest and most anticipated news of the amusement world to enthusiast of all ages. We promise to provide our readers with latest thrills, chills, and coaster hills! Whether you want past, present, or future news, we will always strive to deliver all things amusement!”

*Update 6/1/16: We have only one pateron so far, and we BADLY need some assistance. The next pateron we receive will get 8 maps from us! Even $1 will go a LONG way**

Donating is easy!  Just click this link, and then click on “Become a Pateron” and choose the amount you’ll donate. Follow the prompts, and then shoot us an email at with a link to your Facebook profile page, where we’ll add you onto our special Facebook group for our Patreon supporters.

If you prefer to donate to one of our correspondents directly, they can get it to us at . Send us an email and we’ll give you an address to ship your money.

loop 2

The New Revolution and Tatsu, at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Laurie C from California current favorite

We have exciting plans for the upcoming year, including more and more extensive coverage of all that’s new in amusement parks across the USA, reviews of old favorites, giveaways, and an improved website for your enjoyment.  We are asking you for just a little support to make this all happen.

Thank you for your support, and your patronage of our blog.  Ride On!