Kings Dominion RMC Hurler Update #1 6-16-17

Here is an update on the RMC I-Box conversion of Kings Dominion’s Hurler that is scheduled to open in 2018. Here are some photos courtesy of Jason D.

Photo Credit: Jason D.

RMC Hurler has picked up major steam lately, with the brown Iron Horse track (similar in color to the one being used on the conversion of Mean Streak at Cedar Point) now installed. The track starts from the station and ends at the bottom of the lift hill so far.  (And no, Jason did not enter the restricted area. Please follow park rules at all times)

Photo Credit: Jason D.

Here’s another look at the track installed so far. As you can, only one side of the track is installed so far, but it’s great to see some progress to made. Also, lots of new wood is being added to support this amazing new coaster’s track.

Photo Credit: Jason D.

As you can see here, the ledgers are now installed on the left side of the picture. The RMC Hurler will be significantly taller than the original one, resulting in a more exciting ride experience.

Photo Credit: Jason D.

Here’s look at how the rest of the lift hill and drop is looking. The bottom of the drop is removed. Perhaps the drops could be like Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom’s (pictured below)?

Photo Credit: Jason S.

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